Gamer Buys Expensive Processor, Accidentally Gets 2 Of Them – Does He Have The Right To Keep Both?

Gamer Buys Expensive Processor, Accidentally Gets 2 Of Them - Does He Have The Right To Keep Both?

A gamer says that he was twice as happy. Because instead of a processor, it has received 2 high-end models from Intel. But can he keep it at all? MeinMMO explains what’s behind it.

On Black Friday or any other day, people like to shop a lot of things and also order quite a few items online.

But sometimes a package can also cause wide eyes. A user has now received two models instead of a purchased processor. Is it just luck and what happens with too many goods delivered?

We at MeinMMO are an editorial team specializing in gaming and do not have the legal expertise. If you want to find out more about legal issues, it is best to ask a lawyer or look at the Federal Ministry of Justice over.

Gamer gets too many goods sent, community thinks he’s lucky

What exactly happened? A gamer had on reddit posted a picture of a purchase. According to the picture, the seller had sent him an i9 processor twice, although he had only ordered one model. The community is very impressed:

  • A number of people congratulate him and are delighted with his luck.
  • Others explain that they’ve received duplicate T-shirts or guitar strings, but that’s never happened with such high-end products.
  • However, a few believe the picture is fake and that someone wants attention.

But assuming that the person has actually received two processors: is he allowed to keep the things at all? And what happens if I get too many goods or twice delivered? Because as the comments show, this kind of thing seems to happen more often.

The BGB and an IT expert have a clear answer

Can the gamer keep both processors? Section 812 of the German Civil Code (BGB) states:

(1) Anyone who obtains something without a legal reason through the performance of another person or in any other way at his expense is obliged to hand it over to him. This obligation also exists if the legal reason later ceases to exist or the success intended with a service based on the content of the legal transaction does not occur.

The IT lawyer Yvonne Bachmann explains that the buyers therefore have no claim to the additional goods (via After all, the buyer only concluded a contract for a single product.

If too many products are delivered to him, he does not conclude a sales contract, or as Bachmann explains: “If the customer is sent too many products, ownership should not be transferred at all because of the error or inattention.”

So if you buy a processor, RAM or other things from Amazon or other providers and get too much delivered, you are not the owner of the too many goods and have to send the things back. However, the retailer cannot ask you to pay for the goods that have been delivered in excess.

What if I don’t say anything? Incidentally, anyone who thinks that many sellers would not notice this is mistaken. Many retailers rely on logs or have the shipping weight documented by the sender. It quickly becomes apparent that something may have been wrong with the package. If you refuse to return the goods that have been sent too much, Bachmann says, this could also have legal consequences.

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Intel now not only has processors on offer, but also graphics cards that at least give some gamers hope:

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