Gamer Sends Steam Deck For Repair – Accidentally Receives A Deep Fryer

Gamer Sends Steam Deck For Repair - Accidentally Receives A Deep Fryer

Valve bids for that Steamdeck a repair service. But the service probably meant it too well, because they not only sent the steam deck to a customer, but also a turkey deep fryer. The community is very amused about it.

The Steam Deck is a handheld computer. Here you can play your Steam games with small restrictions. You can also play MMOs on the Steam Deck if you accept the limitations.

If you break the Steam Deck, there is an official repair service: You can send in your device here and Valve will take care of it. A gamer has now used this service and experienced a big surprise. Because in addition to his repaired model, he also got a deep fryer.

Valve thinks Gamer sent the fryer along

What exactly happened? A gamer had a screenshot on reddit posted, explaining, “So Valve sent me a turkey fryer along with my repaired steam deck.”

In his picture you can see the huge box with the fryer and above it, quite small in comparison, the packaging of the Steam Deck.

So where does the device come from? The thread starter had also posted a screenshot from support. And this assumes that the owner of the steam deck also owns the fryer. This is what the answer says:

Hello, everyone,

it appears that we received a turkey fryer along with your return of the steam deck. We will send the turkey fryer back to you.

When some users ask him if this is actually his, he immediately denies it. Because that was associated with high shipping.

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So far it is unclear what will become of the fryer

What will become of the fryer now? So far there is no clear answer as to what will happen to the device and whether the user can keep it and, above all, wants it. He himself finally explained that it was definitely not his device, but that Valve assumes it is.

In another thread on reddit another user reported a deep fryer missing because it had been delivered incorrectly. However, he soon realized that the Steam Deck owner’s fryer was not the model he had ordered.

Incidentally, a few days ago the Steam Deck received the “Golden Joystick 2022” for the best gaming hardware. Steam boss Newell took this as an opportunity to explain the importance of the computer to the world:

Steam’s mighty boss wins an award – Explains to the world why PC is the best gaming platform