Gardening questions: Christ’s thorn and flower bulbs

Gardening questions: Christ's thorn and flower bulbs

Our thorn of Christ has grown so big. Can I cut it back and when?

Yes, the thorn can be cut back without any problems. It is even used as a hedge plant at home. In the room, I recommend a pruning spot where you can mop up the floor, because the milky sap often drips out of the plant for some time after cutting. If necessary, briefly burn the wound with a lighter. The best time is when it is necessary. He endures everything.

How long can you actually plant flower bulbs?

I bought a lot more in the sale and now it’s snowing! As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you can plant the onions. This does not bother the tulips at all, because they only begin to develop roots at a soil temperature of less than seven degrees. Nothing happened due to the mild autumn.

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