German Twitch streamer shows off his money to old enemy: “Hope you have fun in shift work”

German Twitch streamer shows off his money to old enemy: "Hope you have fun in shift work"

Before finding success as orangemorange on Twitch, 29-year-old Kevin Bongers aspired to a career in the police force. His streaming hobby was apparently smiled at there. Now Bongers contacted the people who didn’t believe in him at the time.

Who is Orange Orange? Behind the name is Kevin Bongers from Bergisch Gladbach. Bongers has been active on Twitch since July 2015, he now has over half a million followers and streams to an average of 3,700 viewers (via sullygnome).

Bongers had his first successes with the Battle Royals H1Z1 and Fortnite, but he had his breakthrough with role-playing in GTA Online. orangemorange is the 8th most watched German speaking channel in GTA over the last 30 days (via sullygnome).

In 2022, Bongers began showing more gambling in the slots category on Twitch. In May, he struck a deal with disreputable online casino Stake and became one of the most-watched gambling streamers in the world (via sullygnome).

Bongers now used his success to show off to a former fellow student. He probably made fun of Bongers’ streams at the time.

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Streamer wants to show former bully his wealth

How was the streamer bullied? In a Nov. 22 tweet, Bongers wrote that a classmate named Jan made fun of his streams with others from the police class. Bongers remembered one sentence in particular to this day: “Continue to stream, you joker.”

At that time, however, Bongers did not even understand that the comments of the others were real bullying, according to the streamer. In a comment, he adds that the time has been hell for him (via Twitter).

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In the same tweet, Bongers posted a screenshot of two messages he wrote to his former tormentor: one dated March 2022 and one dated November 22nd.

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What did Bongers write to his bully? In his first message in March, Bongers recalled a voice message he was said to have received from his bully’s girlfriend almost exactly two years earlier. In it she predicted that his streaming career would be over in two years.

Bongers wanted to use this anniversary to prove his former tormentors wrong: he is now a millionaire, will soon be moving into his own apartment and living in sunny Madeira – he is fine.

The fellow student apparently never replied to the message. However, that didn’t stop Bongers from giving him an “update” on November 22: He’s now on his way to the third million.

Bongers thanked him for the motivation that the mean comments would have given him and etched: “Hope you have fun on shift work, think of me when you get up in the morning and don’t feel like it.”

Bongers then accompanied the whole thing with a message to his fans: Believe in yourself and pull through (via Twitter).

Protz-Tweet backfires: “Very uncomfortable”

How did the action go down? On Twitter, users had little understanding for Bongers’ need to prove himself to his former bully.

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In an apparently rather benevolent comment, it was said that Bongers had probably not yet closed with his past. The comments from fellow students were not correct, but the streamer should end with it.

Other Twitter users were less forgiving, criticizing the methods the streamer used to get the money. The former classmate would at least have an honest job, while Bongers drives his viewers into gambling addiction.

The fact that Bongers felt the need to make a name for himself with his fellow students was “very uncomfortable” (via Twitter).

The boastful tone of the news didn’t go over well either. The action testifies to arrogance, which is known to come before a fall, is “pathetic” and would show that Bongers is no better than his former tormentors (via Twitter).

A Twitter user uses Bongers’ own words against him (via Twitter)

Apparently, the streamer also didn’t consider when posting that some of his viewers, or people who might happen to see the tweet, also work shifts and might be offended by the derogatory statement (via Twitter).

How did Bongers react to the criticism? The streamer explained that his messages were of course meant to be provocative. However, he did not want to say that a person is worth more because he earns more (via Twitter).

Whether Bongers received an answer this time is not known.

Not for the first time, orangemorange has been criticized for how he earns his money. His casino deal was already uncomfortable for many. When the streamer also announced in October that it would offer sports betting at the World Cup in Qatar, the criticism was so great that Bongers rejected the deal.

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