God of War Ragnarök: How to Defeat the Valkyries Hrist & Mist in Muspelheim Boss Guide

God of War Ragnarok: Defeating Valkyries Hrist and Mist Boss Guide (Solution)

who God of War Ragnarok plays and misses the Valkyries from the direct predecessor, should be about the main mission The incantation happy, because here Kratos has to deal with two of the warlike ladies, Mr and crap. Fighting two bosses at the same time can be extremely difficult, but that’s what you have ours for solution.

God of War Ragnarök: How to defeat the Valkyries Hrist and Mist (Phase 1)

The fight against the Valkyrie bosses lasts a long time for three phases but there’s some good news for that, too. For one thing, the ladies share a life bar, so hitting one is enough. On the other hand, there is one Save point after each completed phasewhich of course plays into your hands immensely.

And on top of that, the Valkyries Hrist and Mist turn out to be not particularly strong opponents, because most of their attacks can be easy to block or parry. On the other hand, the servants of Odin are extremely fast and attack almost constantly, which can get on your nerves, so here are a few tips for phase 1.

  • Listen very carefully: This boss fight becomes much easier if you listen to the other characters as they give you clues as to what to expect next. For example, if Hrist calls out loud for her sister, she will also attack you, even if she was just busy with Atreus.
  • Focus your attacks: Most of the time you can concentrate completely on one of the two Valkyrie sisters in the fight, since the other is distracted by Atreus. Nevertheless, or above all, use the boy’s skills to give you an advantage.
  • break their wings: When a Valkyrie hides behind her wings, uses a shield breaker to break her cover and gain a short window for follow-up attacks.
  • Uses healing stones as weapons: The ladies will keep dropping healing stones. Only pick them up when you really need them, or even better, when there is a Valkyrie nearby, because then they will be briefly stunned by stepping on the stone.
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Almost the entire fight in God of War Ragnarok is limited in phase 1 to normal attacks at the right moment blockAttacks with yellow ring too parry and one for a double blue ring shieldbreaker to set. Only two attacks in these bosses’ repertoire are a bit trickier and require a bit of attention on your part.

On the one hand there would be the Knife attack by Mist, which she likes to use when you’re really after her. This attack is characterized by a red ring and consists of three wielders with the weapon and an attached knife throw. It’s best to interrupt this attack with one rune attack on your part, since it is relatively difficult to dodge here.

Also, Mist (the green Valkyrie) likes to use a longer one Spin Attackto corner Kratos. Block this attack to the end and you get a short window to parry and land some decent hits of your own. If the life bar of the two bosses is depleted, they will heal and the fight will begin stage 2 above.

God of War Ragnarök: How to defeat the Valkyries Hrist and Mist (phase 2)

The bosses Hrist and Mist have a few new attacks up their sleeves in Phase 2, so your tactics will have to change a bit here and there. shout the Valkyries loudly trembled!, this is your signal to pay attention to the ground. Two tracks will now completely red and you absolutely have to avoid these areas, so stay in between or next to them.

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It is also problematic that one of the two now regularly Grab Atreus and stun him which is why Kratos has to fight both Valkyries at the same time. In addition, the other Valkyrie storms towards you in such moments with one unblockable attackso be careful.

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Luckily for you, you can get Atreus through a short interaction help get back on your feet or, if the battle allows, you can free him from the boss’ grip beforehand by throwing a easy hit ends up with the lady that Atreus is grabbing. If you are unsure, it is better to keep your distance and wait until the boy gets up on his own.

You should also keep in mind that crap likes with knives throws at Kratos if he strays too far from her. Block this attack from the start, because even one knife hits you, all the following ones will also damage you, which is on higher difficulties deadly can be.

the Storm Attack by Hrist, which you could still counter in phase 1, is unfortunately now unblockable, so you have to dodge to the side to avoid unnecessary damage. Once the sisters have used up their entire life bar again, they will heal again and this boss fight will begin final third round.

God of War Ragnarök: How to defeat the Valkyries Hrist and Mist (phase 3)

Apart from a single attack, the Valkyries do not have any new attacks in the final phase, but they are now attacking much faster and more often In addition, one of the two now likes to pounce on Kratos while he is busy with the other. Keeping an eye on both bosses is now particularly important.

Due to the Valkyries’ swift and just as rabid attacks, it is recommended to exercise some caution and would rather just block once more than parry and counter. Rather wait until you have a sure chance of doing damage, instead of hitting back too soon and getting hit by the Valkyrie that was ignored.

God of War Ragnarok: Defeating Valkyries Hrist and Mist Boss Guide (Solution)
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At the end of the fight, you cannot become the winner with a single button press like you can in other boss fights in God of War Ragnarok have done. Instead, you press first R3 and subsequently L3 and R3 at the same timeto activate Kratos’ Rage. After that, you have to quickly press the indicated buttons to win this confrontation.

You don’t just get a whole heap for your victory over the Valkyrie ladies experience pointsbut also one storm flamewith which the Draupnir Spear can be improved. In addition, you now get the trophy Better together and you can now finally approach the world spark.