LoL: 2 of the best German professionals are without a team – number 3 will probably get it soon

LoL Spandau Hand Of Blood

In League of Legends, preparations are underway for the 2023 season: teams are releasing players and signing new ones. Things are looking pretty bad for German professionals right now: Two of the best German players ever have lost their old jobs and are currently without a team. A third professional is probably on the way. A fourth has just left his club, but has apparently already found a new job.

Who are the three players?

  • Felix “Abbedagge” Braun (23) has played for 100 Thieves since April 2021 and became champion in the USA. He is now being replaced by a much older player: Bjergsen (26) obviously gets his job, the German had defeated the Dane last year. Abbedagge has already left his club.
  • Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage (25) is next in line. The man from Bad Soden has been playing in the USA since 2017, but only stays with each club for one year. After his time with “Immortals” he is without a club.
  • Elias “Upset” Lipp (22) is considered one of the best ADCs in Europe. He has been with Fnatic since November 2020 but there are very concrete rumors that he will lose his job to Rekkles (26). Ironically, Rekkles is the very man Upset replaced in 2020. The 22-year-old is officially still with Fnatic but is expected to be announced at any time.

It is noticeable that with Upset and Abbedagge, two top performers, their teams are losing their jobs and are being replaced by players who are much older, who are not quite as good at sports anymore, but who “sell tickets” because they have big names.

Abbedagge “works” at Mc Donald’s

How does Abbedagge deal with it? Midlaner Abbedagge is the most relaxed about the situation.

He posted a tweet on November 22 in which he introduced himself as an employee at McDonald’s. This is a typical gag in LoL: If you don’t have a club, you have to earn your money by standing at the cash register at McDonald’s.

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PowerOfEvil returns to Germany, is in contact with HandOfBlood

This is what PowerOfEvil does: The other midlaner PowerOfEvil says (via twitter): For the first time since 2014, he now has no club for the new season. He didn’t get any offers. Apparently the options he had didn’t appeal to him – his demands were too high.

He will now go back to Germany and hopes to create fun content with HandOfBlood at Eintracht Spandau.

PowerOfEvil doesn’t really know how to proceed:

  • Maybe he could become a pro streamer?
  • Maybe he wants to attack again when he feels hungry?

He says: If he gets an offer, he will consider it.

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HandOfBlood and PowerOfEvil would be a good combo: sensible people choosing nicks that they apparently made up when they were 14.

What about Upset? The botlaner is in an odd position: he hasn’t been fired from his team yet, but everyone assumes he will be because Rekkles is almost certainly going to be signed.

Nothing has been heard from Upset yet, officially he is still with Fnatic.

Kaiser changes club, Broken Blade apparently stays with G2

Are there still German professionals who play a good role?

The German-Turk Broken Blade (22) is still a top laner at G2 Esports and is probably indispensable here. He seems to have his job secure: G2 will recast Jungle and Botlane.

Supporter Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser (24) left his team at MAD Lions after 3 years and is theoretically without a club. But it is considered relatively certain that he will be accommodated by Team Vitality. The 24-year-old will probably play there with Perkz in the future (via dotesports).

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There are also a few other professionals in the leagues, especially at SK Gaming, the team from Cologne, but they are not really fighting for the title in the LEC.

The currently most exciting story in League of Legends, from a German point of view, is currently taking place in 2 classes under the professional league LEC:

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