Meta Quest 2: VR glasses will soon finally be available in Germany

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The launch of MetaQuest 2 already back and now the VR glasses seem to be coming to Germany in the foreseeable future. So far, it has not been officially possible to buy the standalone headset in this country. At the time, that had to do with the fact that customers were being forced to buy one Facebook account for using the VR glasses. That has dem Federal Cartel Office did not like it at all and initiated a procedure.

Meta accounts were introduced

In fact, the Facebook link was not only a problem in Germany. Potential buyers also found this compulsion stupid and did without the VR headset. In the meantime, however, Meta has a own account system introduced, with which you can gamble without a Facebook account. The Federal Cartel Office also likes this and now has the prospect of starting sales of Meta Quest 2. However, the proceedings against Meta will continue, as stated in the Message called.

Meta Quest 2 is very popular

In the last two years, Meta has been able to build up a decent player base. Above 14.8 million VR glasses have been sold since launch. That’s Meta Quest 2 so far most successful VR headset on the market. One of the most attractive features of the hardware is, of course, the standalone functionality, with which the world of VR can be experienced without a PC or console. Also the last one published Pro model by Meta Quest is planned for Germany.

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