Pokémon Crimson: The first uncatchable Shinys in the game cause surprise and disappointment

These shinys are denied to us.

These shinys are denied to us.

The Shiny Hunting Season in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson is officially open. However, some players have now discovered shinys that are out of reach for us because they belong to our buddy Pepper. While this can be frustrating on the one hand, it’s almost become a tradition that runs through the Pokémon generations.

NPCs make you jealous

Some Twitter users are currently sharing clips of their fights against the Titan Pokémon in the game. They noticed that some of Pepper’s Pokémon that he uses to help you in battle are actually Shinys. So fought kitensa for example side by side with one glittering Geosali against “Klibbe, the titan of the stony cliffs”.

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at daijobucat however, was shared with a glittering mushas fought by Pepper against “Adebom, the Titan of the Open Skies”.

However, the appearance of the Shinys there seems to be completely coincidentalbecause other players didn’t see them at all when fighting the titans.

While it may be helpful to have a Shiny by your side in these encounters, some players are frustrated that the shiny Pokémon are so close and yet so far. Because of course we can’t catch Pepper’s Pokémon like that.

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Everything else about the successful Shiny hunt can be found here:

Uncatchable shinys are almost a tradition

In previous Pokémon editions, uncatchable shinys were a topic that caused frustration and disappointment. So perhaps many still mourn the glittering Fiffyen from the beginning of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. The uncatchable Shinys run through almost all editions and generations, so strictly speaking purple and crimson only continue the tradition.

But now you are asked: Did you also fight together with a Shiny in your Titan fights?