Shinka no Mi date its second season

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The second PV for the TV animation “New Xinhua~Katsugumi Star~ beauty,” additional cast, theme song information, broadcast, and distribution information has been released.

In the second PV, the unique characters that will appear in the next level of the Barbados Magic Academy appear one after another. There are fights, tears and lots of laughter in the play. Additionally, Chiharu Sawashi will play the Apostle of the Demon Cult Demiolos, nicknamed “Night Spring School,” and Ami Koshimizu will play the Apostle of the Demon Cult Angria. Nickname, from “Killer Princess”.

Lynn plays Beatrice, the witch from Barbados and an assistant teacher at the Magic Academy, who worked as a teacher until Seiichi arrived. Rui Tanabe will play Helen, who is also in Class F, the best class in school. , Shixia will also play Theobolt, a student of the school’s first S class. . Sawashiro and other actors gave their opinion. Furthermore, the casting of Baird, an F-grade student who wears a bear helmet, will also be revealed later. The opening theme is “Evolution” sung by Nana, and the ending theme is Eri Yamazaki. , and the ending theme song “Adore me” sung by Nana and Yamazaki received rave reviews. Parts of both songs can also be heard in the second PV.

“True Fruits of Evolution ~Get Collective Life Without Knowing~” will air on TV TOKYO starting on January 13, 2023. It will air on BS TV Tokyo, d Anime Shop, etc. as of January 16.

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