Which class should I play in WoW Dragonflight? We recommend 5 classes, we advise against 2

WoW Legion warrior furor

With the new Dragonflight expansion, World of Warcraft now has its 13th class. It can be difficult to choose one. MeinMMO helps you to decide who should become your “main”.

What can I find here? Since each class has received detailed talent trees, many players are currently considering looking at another class, and with Dragonflight some inactive players are also coming back to WoW.

So that you don’t have to read through each talent tree individually, here’s a brief overview of classes that we can recommend for you. We list classes in different roles, give you a brief overview of how they play and list the advantages and disadvantages.

The newest addition to the classes in World of Warcraft are the Dracthyr Callers. We will deal with these later in an additional article. We cannot give an unqualified recommendation at this point anyway.

In the latest trailer, Blizzard once again shows the most important features of Dragonflight:

WoW shows the most important features of Dragonflight in the gameplay trailer, fans praise: “Finally hype again”

Where are the recommendations coming from? We looked at the recommendations of various experts, including the class specialist from wowhead and the YouTuber Bellular, who can finally praise WoW again after many years of criticism.

Bellular has a video on Youtube published, in which he ranks and recommends various classes according to certain criteria:

  • Gameplay: How well does the class play mechanically?
  • Effectiveness: What does the class bring that is not part of its role?
  • Strength: How “well” does a class do in endgame content?

In addition, our own judgment is important. We have some active WoW players in the MeinMMO editorial team who play different roles and classes. You will also find personal recommendations here.

5 classes you should play in Dragonflight


Warriors are one of the oldest classes in the game and have always been known as “the tanks”. As a warrior, you stand in front of or close behind the enemy, let yourself be beaten up or beat enemies yourself with swords and axes – either as a wild berserker, a skilled weapon specialist or a protective tank.

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Plate Carriers have been a solid choice with at least one of their specializations in almost every expansion and raid so far. The talents of the warriors also make them an absolute top-tier class in Dragonflight, which can build a well-rounded playstyle from a portfolio of interesting talents.


  • high mobility
  • smooth playstyle in every spec
  • only class that can buff attack power
  • useful abilities like increased life for the party
  • strong CC

  • hugely dependent on the strength of his weapons
  • Furor can quickly become monotonous
  • Weapon warriors rely heavily on good anger management


Druids are the all-rounders in World of Warcraft. They specialize in ranged combat, melee combat, healing, and tanking. Which playstyle you prefer is up to you – every playstyle is strong in Dragonflight.

With the new talents, druids also get many abilities from the Shadowlands(LINK) covenants as abilities that many players claim are necessary for the class fantasy.


  • high mobility
  • only class that can buff Versatility
  • strong support abilities like a revive in battle
  • strong CC
  • the ability to fill any role that is needed at the moment
  • can change shape

  • Tank plays a bit boring with little variation
  • Feral druids are heavily geared towards you being able to play them well
  • Healers have to play very reactively, which can be stressful
  • partly “must have” talents


WoW Legion warlock demonology

As a sorcerer, you stand at a distance and bombard your opponents with a flood of demons, powerful fel spells or deadly curses. In addition, you hold out the most of all long-distance combat classes.

Traditionally, Warlocks have always been in the top quartile of every DPS list with at least one specialization. In all likelihood, this will be the case again in Dragonflight. As a warlock, you are guaranteed to always have at least one spec that is strong.


Rogues are nasty poisoners, assassins, and pistol shooters that are considered one of the strongest DPS classes in melee combat. As a villain, you use daggers, swords, axes, or maces to finish off enemies at close range.

Similar to Warlocks, at least one rogue spec is usually somewhere near the top of the DPS list. Also, since Dragonflight, all races can become villains, even tauren. The same goes for warriors and mages, by the way.


  • first-class implemented class fantasy for every spec
  • one of the most mobile classes in the game
  • a variety of builds are possible with the talents
  • extremely useful through abilities like Shroud or Rogue Trade
  • some of the strongest defensive skills in the game

  • partially heavily dependent on the equipment
  • are often turned off to undermine boss abilities and have to do without damage
  • large number of cooldowns that need to be well planned


3 minutes of gameplay for Rufer, the new class in WoW Dragonflight

Callers are the newest class in Dragonflight and for that reason alone we recommend them to you. With an unusual 30m range, Callers are ranged attackers that can heal or deal damage.

It’s not yet possible to assess the strength of the callers, but if you’re willing to experiment, you should definitely check out the class. You can find our Rufer guide with builds for DPS and healers on MeinMMO and below an assessment of Cortyn:

The Dracthyr callers in WoW are every troll’s dream


  • 30 meter range is a change for many players
  • Devastation(DPS) doesn’t play well yet, sometimes boring
  • probably played by too many people at the beginning
  • firmly bound to the Dracthyr people

What about the other classes?

We’ve listed a selection of classes here that we recommend if you’re looking to try something new and you can’t possibly go wrong. That doesn’t mean that all other classes are automatically bad.

The general recommendation is: Play the class that you enjoy the most. Dragonflight is fully committed to reviving old strengths. Feel free to try out multiple classes and play alternate characters.

Shortly before the release of Dragonflight and even after that, Blizzard will keep tweaking the balancing. Rankings and DPS lists may change accordingly. You will always find the leaders later in our current DPS list for World of Warcraft.

There are some exceptions though. Right before the beta, Paladins are slightly below expectations in almost all areas. As tanks they play a bit wooden and unbalanced, as melee fighters they are only strong in niches and are usually trumped by other classes.

In addition, paladins are extremely cumbersome. If you are used to more mobile classes, you will quickly be bothered by the very stationary gameplay. The only consolation is having reasonably strong support abilities like Hand of Protection and in-combat revive.

Similarly, we cannot recommend shamans at the moment. Although they were strong in almost all areas in the beta, they have been adjusted again and are currently in the middle. If they are buffed again, all the specs are quite successful here, purely in terms of the way they are played.

You can find out more about the new expansion in our overview:

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