WoW: New nickname purge – Names of inactive characters released again

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from Sebastian Glanzer
Even if you have been inactive for a few months, no other player on your server can create a character with your nickname and steal it. This is only possible if Blizzard does a nickname purge again and your character has been inactive for several years. This very name purge was done recently.

Players in the official WoW Reddit forum report that the Blizzard developers are apparently about to release WoW: Dragonflight once again released the names of inactive accounts. This “name purge” occurs at irregular intervals. In the MMO, in which over 100 million players are said to have created a character over the past 18 years, not only are their favorite nicknames quickly assigned, but it also becomes difficult with all sorts of special characters.

Added to this are the additional rules for naming, which do not allow any allusion to offensive words. Names of WoW characters such as Arthas or Saurfang are also prohibited. Players who have been inactive for several years have lost claim to their name. If their old name is claimed by a new player, they will have to rename themselves upon their return to WoW.

Players in WoW secure new names after the purge

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On Reddit, players show which names they were able to secure. Generic names like the one in the Reddit post above usually sell out quickly because they are secured early on by players. But if a player with the name “Mark” has been inactive for several years, his nickname is freely available again. By the way, there hasn’t been any official news from the developers yet.

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