WoW: Return of old event mounts? Hazzikostas with a clear opinion

WoW: New nickname purge - Names of inactive characters released again

from Sebastian Glanzer
Adjusting the drop chance for the MoP world boss mounts showed how to bring players back to Azeroth with little adjustments for old content. Could this also work with old event mounts and items that are no longer in the game? Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has a clear opinion on this.

The “significant” increase in the drop chances for the mounts of the MoP world bosses in WoW: Dragonflight has meant that again significantly more life in the world of MMOs ruled. Dozens of players were suddenly back at the spawn points of the world bosses Nalak, Galleon, Sha of Fury and Oondasta, where previously a few players romped about at most for an ID reset, who despite a 1:1,000 chance (or even worse) still got the extremely rare mounts hoped.

Mount parades, nice chats and a real MMO feeling suddenly came back. Exactly what the game has been missing for a long time. And all just by adjusting four drop chances. Many players immediately wondered why Blizzard developers aren’t changing more old content in this way and maybe even bringing back removed items and mounts to bring more life to Azeroth. This is exactly the question asked by WoW influencer AnnieFuchsia Game Director Ion Hazzikostas in an interview. However, the game director’s response will disappoint many players.

“Very unlikely” that items and mounts from past events will return

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Ion Hazzikostas has a clear opinion on special gladiator, ahead of the curve or other event items/mounts. “Some of the mounts and titles mentioned exist to show that the player achieved an achievement at the time. and if you missed it, you just missed it. It is very unlikely that these rewards will return.”