7 vs. Wild Season 2 Episode 7: Thunderstorm, heavy rain, storm. “When does your psyche break?”

7 vs. Wild Folge 7 Tropensturm

The seventh episode of the second season 7 vs Wild is an emotional descent. Of the first real tropical storm has broken in and robs the candidates of any space and any motivationto master the challenge or to devote yourself to other projects. Who is affected by the difficult situation the hardest?

7 vs. Wild: “You have to be tough when the jungle is crying”

It’s currently the third day on the island. The participants know what their daily challenge is and plan their projects. However, nature throws a spanner in the works. It has rained here and there before, but now it’s coming the first tropical storm towards the seven adventurers.

Rain, storm and a strong thunderstorm make it not easy to keep your nerves. It is wet, loud and especially cold. As exciting as the whole thing is to look at, the cold can set in life-threatening factor will.

Who can best protect themselves from the tropical storm?

Otto and Joris got it through the cave and the dense canopy quite easy. only the flood could come dangerously close to them. Fritz uses that fresh water for showering and finishes the roof of his shelter to be protected from the next rain.

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