Need for Speed ​​Unbound: Gameplay leaks surfaced – News

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November 26, 2022 – 7:06 p.m — Last updated 47 minutes ago

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Need For Speed ​​Unbound from €59.99 to buy.
on YouTube are two leaked gameplay videos too Need for Speed ​​Unbound surfaced. Apparently game scenes were recorded from a pre-release version and posted online. The first video, which you can see under this news, offers a short tour in a Beetle in 1080p. The second, much longer Videos at YouTube only offers 720p, but shows the tuning options in detail and was shown on Twitter recorded.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound is coming to Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC on December 2nd. Starting November 29th, all EA Play and Xbox Gamepass subscribers will get early access to the game. You can play the standard version of the game for 10 hours.

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