Knossi finds old ball and becomes Chuck Noland from Cast Away

Knossi 7 vs. Wild finds the ball

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Of: Henrik Jansen

7 vs. Wild: Knossi finds the old ball and becomes Chuck Noland from Cast Away © YouTube: Fritz Meinecke

On the third day of 7 vs. Wild, Knossi looked for a new playmate. “Greenie” is the name of the ball that Knossi is now holding at his side, similar to Chuck Noland.

San Jose, Panama – The third day of 7 vs. Wild has arrived and some participants are clearly feeling the loneliness. One of them is the otherwise communicative Knossi. Despite the rain shower and thunderstorm, the 36-year-old hasn’t lost his sense of humor, but in desperation the streamer reaches into the washed-up rubbish and gets a new round friend called “Greenie”. Based on Chuck Noland and his Ball Wilson from the Hollywood movie Cast Away.

title 7 vs Wild: Panama (Season 2)
episodes 17
production Fritz Meinecke, Wandermut
participants Sascha Huber, OttoBulletproof, Starletnova, Sabrina Outdoor, Knossi, Fritz Meinecke, Joris (wildcard)
genre Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
format YouTube web series

7 vs. Wild: Through the washed up garbage – Knossi finds a new conversation partner and christens him “Greenie”

Knossi finds a new friend: The King of Twitch regularly entertains thousands of live viewers in his streams and chats with them. With 7 vs. Wild, however, Knossi is completely on his own. Apparently too much for the 36-year-old, because now he reaches into the garbage to stop feeling so alone.

7 vs Wild Knossi Ball Greenie
7 vs. Wild: Knossi gets “Greenie” from the island garbage © YouTube: Fritz Meinecke

“I hope that the others don’t do exactly the same thing,” said Knossi before he pulled a flat plastic ball out of the rubbish washed up and named it “Greenie”. The two then shot a family photo together, in which Knossi animated the ball to smile. What is the point of acting? Did Knossi endure all 7 days at 7 vs. Wild? This seems to be true after a leak from UnsympathischTV.

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7 vs. Wild: Knossi becomes Tom Hanks – Why Knossi suddenly speaks with a ball

Knossi slips into a film role: In order to endure the loneliness on the island, Knossi becomes Chuck Noland without further ado. This is not another 7 vs. Wild participant, but the main character of the film Cast Away from the year 2000. Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks, is a delivery man stranded on a desert island after a plane crash.

To fight his loneliness, Noland speaks to a volleyball and names it Wilson. Volleyball plays an essential role throughout the film. It remains to be seen how the 7 vs. Wild adventure of Knossi and “Greenie” will continue. Incidentally, Chuck Noland had to wait 4 years to be rescued. At Knossi it would only be 4 days according to the current status. Meanwhile, his fellow participant Otto went in search of crocodiles.