Indiana Jones: Love letter for all Indy fans, mash-up genre confirmed

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The new Indiana Jones game is a real love letter for all Indy fans – and those who want to be, says Todd Howard.

Todd Howard revealed in an interview that he met with LucasArts back in 2009 and suggested the Indiana Jones game. The game has always been on his wish list throughout his career.

The deal fell through at the time due to publishing issues and he didn’t have a proper team for the title either. About ten years later he re-launched the game and LucasArts loved it. Todd said machine games are a perfect fit for Indiana Jones because they can tell real stories. In addition, the team is doing “an incredible job,” it said.

When asked what genre the new Indiana Jones would fall into, Todd revealed that Xbox Game Studios’ new Indiana Jones will be a sort of “mash-up” of different genres.

“I would just say it’s a mash-up. It’s unique, it’s not one specific thing on purpose, it does a lot of different things.”

Todd Howard also stated that watching the game is part of his everyday life, as well as playing and developing Starfield, and is actually more involved in the development of Indiana Jones than he first thought. But that’s how it is with matters of the heart.

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