Intel B760: Gigabyte B760 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 spotted

Intel B760: Gigabyte B760 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 spotted

from Maximilian Hohm
A first Gigabyte B760 motherboard with DDR4 support was spotted at MyDrivers. The mid-range chipset has the potential to achieve a price-performance sweet spot and thus also challenge the high prices of the AM5 platform. Therefore, read more about the new mainboard below and when the B760 is officially expected.

Due to the high platform costs of Zen 4 including DDR5 RAM and the expensive X670(E) and B650(E) mainboards, AMD currently has a clear disadvantage in terms of acquisition costs compared to Intel’s Socket 1700. With this, the existing Z690 boards can continue to be used and DDR4 memory can also be used depending on the board selected. Now the first B760 mainboards are announced, which are supposed to appear officially in January with DDR4 support. The model that has now been leaked is Gigabyte’s B760 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 and a typical mid-range model.

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The high-end models with the B760 chipset, on the other hand, should also support DDR5 memory, which is still significantly more expensive than the DDR4 counterparts, which many users could continue to use from an existing PC. In the MyDrivers forum, from which the leaks originate, the new mid-range circuit boards are being lively discussed. For significantly lower prices than AM5 mainboards in combination with inexpensive DDR4 memory, a faster Core i7-13700K or Core i5-13600K can still be installed, so that AMD could continue to get into trouble.

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There have already been the first significant price reductions for the Ryzen 7000 models, but the real reason for the high platform costs, the mainboard and memory prices, are still very high, so that might not be enough. The B760 mainboards, on the other hand, are a good entry point for Intel’s current Socket 1700 portfolio and can keep the platform up to date.

A viable alternative to this are still mainboards with 600 chipsets, which can often be made Raptor Lake-compatible via UEFI update and also support PCI-E 5.0. The B760 chipset is scheduled to be officially unveiled along with the 13th generation non-K SKUs in January. Both products are to be presented as part of the launch event for the mobile 13th generation at CES 2023 and will then be available promptly.

Source: @momomo_us & MyDrivers