WoW: 34 place bag for free? Thanks to BoE also interesting for twinks or the AH

WoW: Dragonflight: All dragon glyphs in the large overview (2)

from Philip Sattler
With a new expansion, our pockets are filled with all kinds of resources and equipment items. Blessed are those whose pockets are big enough. A bag with 34 slots is just what you need. On the Dragon Islands of WoW, one is just lying around – and it’s even tied when you put it on.

The dragon islands should invite you to discover them – that was the hope of the developers. And so, in the current WoW expansion, we get a continent bursting with hidden content. You can hardly take a step without various events or activities being offered on the map.

But as it should be for a discovery expansion, there are also many things that we don’t see and that the players gradually find. This includes, among other things, a treasure chest that is hidden behind one of the numerous waterfalls. And in this waiting not only a few resources, but also a special bag.