WoW: The known bugs from Dragonflight – Blizzard is working on that right now

<strong>WoW Dragonflight:</strong>  Dragons Under Pressure - Story Campaign Chapter 1 (23)

from Philip Sattler
The launch of WoW. Dragonflight has brought tons of new content to the live servers. And as is the case in an MMO, tons of bugs came into play with it. Blizzard has now published a list of known bugs that the developers are already working on.

An MMO like WoW is so complex that bugs can never be completely avoided. It doesn’t matter how many weeks or months the test server runs, smaller and smaller bugs always creep into the release version. Dragonflight is no different. At first glance, the latest WoW expansion appears to be quite round, but a closer look reveals a bunch of bugs and errors. Most of them are not so dramatic that complete loot tables of rare mobs have to be shut down.

Still, the developers have to work on it. And that’s exactly what they do. The developers have one for their part List of known bugs published, which they are currently working on. Why are they doing this? On the one hand, so that the players can see that the game is being taken care of and, on the other hand, an already known error is no longer reported and costs the support staff valuable time.