Android: Next update brings reading mode and Youtube widgets

Android: Next update brings reading mode and Youtube widgets

from Yusuf Hatic
The December update for the Android operating system brings some new features with it. In addition to a system-wide reading mode, the accessibility of YouTube is also being improved.

The Google Android operating system for smartphones has now reached version 13 and is regularly updated within this version. In addition to general bug fixes, these also bring new features – in December, a system-wide reading mode and a new YouTube widget will be added with the future update, as the company announces in a blog post.

The reading mode itself is unusually not played out as part of the Android operating system, but is made available as a separate app. After successful installation of the application, it appears as a small overlay at the edge of the screen and can be activated for almost all text content with a simple click. This allows the displayed text to be displayed with significantly higher contrast or simply read out.

Meanwhile, a new option for Youtube has been added to the widget menu with the new Android update. This allows users to search YouTube content directly via the corresponding widget and navigate through the navigation as in the native app. In addition, the individual YouTube pages such as subscribed channels or the respective media library can be called up in the new widget.

In addition, with the new update, a stored digital car key can be shared directly. However, the feature is initially reserved exclusively for the company’s own Pixel smartphones and current Apple iPhones, and other Android devices are to be added to the compatibility list later. However, they must have at least Android 12 in order to be able to share digital car keys at all.

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In addition to smartphones, the new Android version will also bring innovations for the Google TV app and WearOS 3. The former will make it possible in the future to build a corresponding cast with a single operation to a compatible television. The mobile operating system for smartwatches, on the other hand, is to receive a new notes app that is intended to ensure a better overview. In addition, new tiles are unlocked, which allow a broader portfolio of information to be displayed.

Source: Google