Company of Heroes 3: RTS fans will have to wait even longer for the release [Update: Mod-Support]

Company of Heroes 3: RTS fans will have to wait even longer for the release [Update: Mod-Support]

Original article from October 05, 2022: It would have been a little over a month if Company of Heroes 3 were to launch on November 17th. The placement of Company of Heroes 3 on the Global Steam Wishlist, where the game lines up at position 17. But now comes the sad certainty: Company of Heroes 3 will no longer appear on the planned date and not this year either.

CoH3 is coming in February 2023, along with Hogwarts Legacy

Developer Relic Entertainment and publisher SEGA recently announced that Company of Heroes 3

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Since the unveiling in July 2021, the developers say they have taken community feedback very seriously and have since implemented a number of features in Company of Heroes 3. Some examples of these are:

  • Relic has made significant improvements to the all-new dynamic campaign map, such as updating a new supply system, implementing a more aggressive AI, and faster travel across the map through improvements to ports and airports.
  • The studio has placed a greater focus on visual sharpness and detail during battles by improving shader technology and fine tuning. In addition, Relic has made significant changes to CoH3’s general lighting.
  • Relic has improved moment-to-moment gameplay by making changes to camera positioning and providing clearer mini-map information. The HUD layout and overall UI design have also been improved.
  • Player experimentation with the November 2021 multiplayer pre-alpha helped the developers make significant improvements to battlegroups, their upgrade trees, units, and call-in abilities.
  • Relic has reviewed and improved portions of the voice acting to ensure it is authentic to specific characters and their in-game accents.

The team at Relic Entertainment would also like to reveal new information about Company of Heroes 3 week by week from now until the release on February 23rd. The standard version of the war RTS game can currently be purchased for 60 euros on Steam pre-order, while the Digital Premium Edition is 20 euros more expensive. At least the month of February next year will be as spectacular as February of this year in terms of games coming out. With Hogwarts Legacy and CoH3, two top-class players are to be expected.

Mod support for the release of CoH3

Update from December 2nd: Relic Entertainment is now announcing that when Company of Heroes 3 launches on February 23rd, there will be modding tools for the real-time strategy game. The developer worked with modders and map creators even before the production phase of Company of Heroes 3. These are said to have been part of the Community Council for years, providing feedback and ideas for development.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Executive Producer David Littman confirms that mods will be available at launch. This works through a mod page accessible through the Steam Workshop. Modders will have their hands on the Essence engine editor that Relic already uses to make map, mode, and tuning tweaks.

In multiplayer, mods can be used in custom games. If maps are particularly popular, they could be added to the regular multiplayer map pool, explains David Littman. Ultimately, modders should also be allowed to implement completely new campaigns and major revisions.

Source: Relic Entertainment and SEGAvia PC gamers

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