Cosplay by Wednesday turns everyday school life into a horror trip

Awesome 2B cosplay from Nier Automata is more than battle ready (1)

With the new one Live action series on Netflix the Addams Family is back on everyone’s lips. Accordingly, not only will like about the series on platforms Metacritic discussed, but also used characters from the series as templates for cosplays. And according to the Netflix series has just Wednesday Addams repeatedly proved to be a popular inspiration for excellent projects in recent weeks. Accordingly, it is not surprising that such a project has emerged again in the community and has been shared in the cosplay subreddit. This shows impressively that a coherent project on Reddit and Co. can impress even without a particularly expensive production in terms of camera or setting.

Wednesday’s cosplay makes for a scary school day

The cosplayer is behind the implementation of Wednesday Addams “egg cosplay“. She posted her project on Reddit and has already received a lot of praise for her work. Both the costume and the make-up are very suitable for the character. This is combined with a matching wig and the Reddit sees it -User surprisingly similar to actress Jenna Ortega.

Ei Cosplay cannot offer a particularly high-class production in terms of photography, but all in all their project was a success. No wonder, after all, she also works on cosplays for characters Genshin Impact or the Cyberpunk series Edgerunners. On her Instagram account, she also regularly posts photos of these projects, which in particular show the high quality of the costume work stage.

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