DOTA 2: 5 Men, Mid-20s, Win World’s Largest Esports Tournament – They bought it with $8.5M in prize money

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In MOBA DOTA 2 (Steam), the 5 players from Tundra Esports won the extremely lucrative tournament “The International” and almost certainly became millionaires overnight: These are 5 young men between the ages of 24 and 27, including a German. You have now explained the first thing you bought with your winnings.

How much money did they win? By winning the tournament at The International 2022, the Tundra Esports team won $8.5 million, with the entire tournament paying out around $18.9 million:

From esports sites, each player’s winnings are reported at $1.7 million

In reality, however, much less is fluttered into the account because numerous fees and taxes are deducted from the money, as one player explained. However, it is apparently still a large sum, albeit under one million US dollars.

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Luxury vacation in Thailand, new PC and the girlfriend gets something too

What do the players do with all that money? The page forbeswell versed in money matters, asked the 5 e-athletes what they bought first with the money:

The Israeli “33” (25) apparently had a specific wish list with things that were due. He says:

“I’ve rented a new apartment in Bucharest, so I’m going to furnish it and buy a new PC and a big TV. I also got a new laptop and gave my girlfriend an iPhone. So I’m going to do a little shopping spree, but I wouldn’t say I’m being particularly lavish now… except for the Thailand holiday where we stayed at some nice 5 star hotels.”

North Macedonian Saska (27) is looking around for new items for his house because he has just found an apartment and wants to renovate it this summer. He has bought his parents a new laptop and now wants to give gifts to others when he has the opportunity.

German professional first upgrades his flight for “a touch of luxury”

24-year-old German player Nine says he first upgraded his flight to business class to give himself a “touch of luxury” right away. He is now planning to buy a car.

The Slovakian skier has also treated himself to an upgrade of the flight and is toying with the idea of ​​laughing at a new car:

I bought an expensive sweater, a coat and upgraded my flight to business class. Other than that, everything is pretty normal. I’m thinking of replacing my 2004 Volkswagen Golf with a newer car, but don’t know which one yet.

The Tundrea Esports team captain, 27-year-old American Sneyking, doesn’t seem to know what he wants to treat himself to yet: he just treated himself to a new wallet. Apparently he first needs a way to stow all the new coal in proper style.

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