Elden Ring’s success doesn’t change anything, says From Software

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From Software has long been popular with gamers thanks to its Dark Souls series, but it wasn’t until the release of Elden Ring that the developer studio found real success. Of course, some players wondered if the studio’s next projects would all be based on Elden Ring, as this formula was probably best received by players.

Future FromSoftware games will not be affected by Elden Ring

As we do through a new interview by Famitsu learned, which was held after director Hidetaka Miyazaki denied the Grand Award at the PlayStation Partner Awards, but this is not the case. When asked why Elden Ring (buy now / €53.99 ) is so successful, Miyazaki replied:

“I’m at a loss when people ask me why it’s been so successful, but I don’t think I’ll change the way I do things. I try not to think about it too much because it’ll make me the next one project. Nevertheless, I am very grateful and honored.”

Interestingly, the developer follows the same strategy when it comes to player feedback. If he listened to all player feedback, it could have a strong impact on future decisions. Miyazaki therefore tries not to think too much about other people’s opinions. Despite this, he is pleased that so many players have discovered the genre for themselves through Elden Ring.

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