Friendly Fire 8: It starts tomorrow, Starfield as sponsor

Friendly Fire 8 im Starfield Look

Friendly fire 8 collects tons of donations for a good cause tomorrow. “Starfield” helps: The SciFi RPG from Bethesda acts as the main sponsor of the charity event. All information about the game, the event and everything related to it can be found here.

Starfield sponsors Friendly Fire 8

That’s what it’s about: Tomorrow will find again Friendly Firestream instead. Every year, many well-known streamers like Gronkh make various jokes and, above all, collect a lot of donations.

As main sponsor This time, unlike in previous years, Ubisoft is not included, but rather Microsoft or rather Bethesda with Starfield. So the event is presented by the big RPG.

When does it start? Tomorrow, Saturday the December 3, 2022. The live stream itself should at 15 o’clock start, a warm-up phase starts at 2 p.m.

How long does it take: As in previous years, the stream should 12 hours last long.

where can i watch “Friendly Fire 8” will be about the PietSmiet’s twitch channel be visible.

Where are the donations going? Friendly Fire 8 does it all for a good cause. All proceeds from merchandising sales and direct donations will go to the following associations this year.

Participate in Friendly Fire 8 are, as usual, the usual 11 suspects who have also organized the charity events in recent years:

  • Arthur Niemczuk / fisHC0p
  • Christian “Chris” Stachelhaus / PietSmiet
  • Dennis “Br4mm3n” Brammen / PietSmiet
  • Eric Range / Gronkh
  • Florian Heider / The heather
  • Jonathan “Jay” Apel / PietSmiet
  • Max Ensikat / PhunkRoyal
  • Pascal Rothkegel / MrMoreGame
  • Peter “Piet” Smits / PietSmiet
  • Sebastian “Sep” Lenssen / PietSmiet
  • Tatyana Werth / Pandora
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Check out the here Highlights of Friendly Fire 7 from the last year on.

This is Starfield:

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Starfield will be Bethesda’s next big RPG. Many fans are eagerly awaiting the sci-fi epic and are hoping for nothing less than a kind of modern one Skyrim in space.

When is Starfield coming out? “Starfield” was originally supposed to be released on November 11, 2022, but it was then postponed. Now it shall sometime in the first half of 2023 appear – if everything works.

After Microsoft bought the publisher and developer Bethesda, “Starfield” should no longer be released for PS4 and PS5, but instead exclusively on Xbox Series S/X and PC. However, the blockbuster will then appear for the release also in the Game Pass subscription.

Elder Scrolls Online Fame Stories: Bethesda also announced in the same breath that tonight on December 2nd on the Bethesda Twitch channel a special “ESO” stream is taking place. Senior Systems Designer Irenio Calmon-Huang is a guest and talks about the new “Firesong” DLC.

Are you more looking forward to Starfield or more to Friendly Fire 8?