Japan documentary 2022: gallery+ for download – video

Japan documentary 2022: gallery+ for download - video

Action: Japan documentaries 2022


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In the Silver tier, you can access the documentary as soon as all episodes are ready, which should be the case in April 2023. This saves you a lot of money compared to the later package price, which will initially be EUR 29.99. You will receive eight episodes of around 45 minutes each. this is the cheapest optionto get the documentary 2022.

In the gold level, the documentary episodes cost you 30 euros – see for that every episode immediately (in 1080p) when it is released – the first one around the beginning of November 2021. At least two more are planned by the end of 2022. You also get access to a extensive, annotated photo gallery (from around October 2021), in which Jörg Langer combines various travel impressions and snapshots with amusing texts.

In the Petal Pink stage you can see all documentary episodes instantly after appearing in highly detailed 4K – so you can turn your 4K TV or Ultra HD projector into a window to Japan! You also get the annotated photo gallery in October and during the trip (14.9.-2.10.22) daily updates (photos/short text). That is a special treat Making of videowhich will offer you a lot of insights from planning to technology to editing and soundtrack, for example to problems during the trip.

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This is not a video, but an optional download option for all crowdfunders and buyers of the Japan Doku 2022 from the gold level: You can download the 175 annotated photos from the large behind-the-scenes gallery of the trip as a PDF conveniently on your end device Read the choice and either use the PDF table of contents, scrolling or, for full-screen mode, scroll directly with the arrows on each page.

Just boldly right-click the “Premium” link above to download the PDF. Many thanks to ChrisL for the quick and beautiful implementation!


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