Need for Speed ​​Unbound: Errors with the RTX 4090 even need a BIOS update

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from Claus Ludewig
Publisher EA confirms that there is a display bug related to the Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090. Nvidia’s top model requires a BIOS update for Need for Speed ​​Unbound to be displayed correctly.

Recently, the fictional town of Lakeshore can be made unsafe in Need for Speed ​​Unbound. The arcade racing game gets a high rating on Steam. However, not all drivers can be happy, because if you use a Geforce RTX 4090, you won’t see anything. As confirmed by publisher EA, it is coming too flickering or flashing display, if you have installed Nvidia’s top model. In the meantime, the graphics chip manufacturer has confirmed the problem and is offering a solution.

This should help affected players

Affected users must do so Download free tool Nvidia GPU UEFI Firmware Update and update the firmware of your graphics card. If you still have problems with the display after an update, Nvidia recommends doing the following:

  • Make sure you are using the latest SBIOS from your motherboard manufacturer
  • Change boot mode from UEFI to Legacy/CSM
  • Boot to an alternative graphics source (secondary card or integrated graphics)
  • After turning on your system, wait for your operating system to load with the graphics driver installed.

On an editorial PC with a Geforce RTX 2070 there is an interaction with Need for Speed ​​Unbound

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Collection of display errors on the RTX 4090 in connection with Need for Speed ​​Unbound:

  • According to EA, the Need for Speed ​​Unbound display can flicker or flash, at least if you have a certain Nvidia graphics card installed.
  • If you use an Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 in your PC, you have to update the GPU firmware to fix the problem.

Sources: EA, Nvidia