One of the best horror series has a surprising continuation

The Amnesia Collection is currently available as a gift on Steam.

The developers of Frictional Games are involved Amnesia: The Bunker announced a brand new installment in the horror survival series for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. With the game, the team wants to make some changes to the well-known horror formula in order to bring a breath of fresh air to the genre. For the first time you will be in a Semi open world be on the move when making your decisions direct influence on the further course of the story will take.

What is the horror game about?

As the title of Amnesia: The Bunker suggests, you will fight to survive in a devastated and abandoned WWI bunker. In the role of Henri Clement – a soldier of the French army – you are looking for one way out and you are only equipped with the essentials. But what should make the game from Frictional Games so special is the fact that it hardly scripted shockers and events should give.

The danger is everywhere

Apparently, nowhere will be safe for you, according to the team. No matter which path you take, the mysterious danger will always be on your heels. You have to adapt your playstyle if you want to stand a chance. In addition, each run in Amnesia: The Bunker should have a brand new gaming experience Offer. To announce the makers have one Teaser for the horror project published, which we have included for you below.

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