One of the best series of 2022 – critics love it, users hate it

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There is always an interesting phenomenon to be observed in games, films or series: While the ratings of magazines or websites are relatively good or even very good, the user score on platforms such as Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes is often in the basement. A recent example of this discrepancy is the new one Disney Plus Series Willow. This is the sequel to a 1988 film by the director George Lucas and can currently boast a more than presentable average rating of 86 percent happy in the tomatometer. The series is called several times fun adventure described, which successfully builds on the lore of the original. The young cast is also often praised in the highest tones. From time to time it is questioned whether this sequel was really needed, but all in all the tenor is positive. However, the discrepancy with the audience score is enormous. This is currently lean 34 percent.

A differentiating factor could be that only two of the eight episodes of the reboot have been released on Disney Plus so far. Screenrant, for example, emphasizes this. It is also mentioned here that the presentation of a same sex relationship in the eyes of some could be a reason for the sheer number of negative ratings. Rotten Tomatoes primarily focuses on the poor production and on things that make others feel ashamed play complained.

The latter would be too much towards the mark teen drama move. The depiction of a homosexual relationship is rarely explicitly criticized. To what extent this may have played a subconscious role for some, or was simply not expressed in this context, is another question.

How will the score develop?

Screenrant highlights the fact that fans of the series may have to wait until the third episode is released to write a review. At the same time, the discrepancy is smaller on Metacritic than on Rotten Tomatoes. The meta score is currently a solid 70 out of 100 possible points on average, while the user score is 5.8 out of 10 possible points on average.