RTX 4080 curious: US dealer refuses to return cards because of Ebay scalpers

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from Oliver Jaeger
The US online retailer Newegg has recently stopped offering refunds to buyers of certain Geforce RTX 4080 cards. This is particularly tragic for scalpers who actually want to resell the cards at an overpriced price, but are currently sitting on the unwanted cards and, in case of doubt, have to give them away cheaply.

The Geforce RTX 4080 turns out to be more and more of a flop in the snapshot. Thanks to the high price of the graphics card, which many interested parties are not willing to pay, retailers are currently well stocked with RTX 4080 cards. This is especially a problem for scalpers, who have imagined the whole situation very differently. They usually buy up stocks of graphics cards in order to be able to resell them on Ebay for moon prices.

Nobody wants 4080s, including Newegg

This time they didn’t reckon with the extremely low demand. Some scalpers even feel compelled to offer the graphics cards at almost the RRP, which Nvidia has set at $1,200. On Reddit, for example, a user is stuck with a total of six such graphics cards and now wants to get rid of them for a “convenient” $1,300.

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Returning to the retailer would add additional shipping costs to the scalper, not to mention any restocking fees. Depending on the buyer, it may also be more advisable to buy a Geforce RTX 4080 from a dealer for a slightly higher price in order to take the full guarantee with you.

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Meanwhile, returning an RTX 4080 is not easy either, at least if you have ordered certain models from the US online retailer Newegg. This is the case with some custom designs such as the Gigabyte Aorus indicate that a return of the graphics card is not possible.

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So bad times for scalpers. With more Geforce RTX 4080s to come and the upcoming launch of the more affordable RDNA 3 cards, scalpers are now faced with the tough decision of whether to return the graphics cards they should never have bought or sell them on at a loss.

Source: via Twitter, Reddit