The 10 best creators in Germany – do you know them all?

Graphic for the YouTube review 2022 with Fritz Meinecke and MrBeast

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Of: Josh Grossman

YouTube gives the annual review of popular videos and creators in 2022. Do you know the 10 hottest YouTube stars in Germany?

San Bruno, California – YouTube is back in the Rewind mood. Each year, the company takes a look back at the year, highlighting popular videos and creators. In 2022, the hottest YouTubers in Germany will be chosen again. Stars like EliasN97 and Fritz Meinecke are there – but do you know all the YouTubers who are popular in Germany?

Company Name YouTube
Headquarters San Bruno, California
founding February 14, 2005
umbrella organization Google
founder Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen

YouTube Review 2022: These are the hottest creators in Germany

What happened? At the end of each year, YouTube sits down and takes a look at the most popular creators and their content. For this purpose, a total of 800 videos and 450 channels from 35 countries were evaluated in 2022. The company from San Bruno presents the most interesting results in this year’s YouTube recap – there will be no more rewind.

Why isn’t there a YouTube rewind video?

Up until 2019, there was a YouTube rewind video every year. A kind of video collage of the best video moments, YouTubers* and memes, accompanied by exciting music and real celebrities. However, he became YouTube Rewind 2019 heavily criticized – it was simply too embarrassing. In 2020 YouTube canceled the video due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, the company announced that the Rewind series would be discontinued.

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These are the top 10: When selecting the hottest creators, YouTube looks at the subscriptions gained in the respective country. From this category are musicians, brands; Media companies and children’s content excluded. Only one channel is allowed per YouTuber. This results in this top 10 in Germany.

  1. Leeroy wants to know!
  2. EliasN97
  3. Nicholas Kolorz
  4. Robert Marc Lehmann – Mission Earth
  5. Fritz Meineke
  6. MrBeast
  7. Nahim Sky
  8. Renzo
  9. How2Shirli
  10. Mohi__07

Of course, the list includes well-known faces such as EliasN97 and Fritz Meinecke. But some of the creators have “only” 400,000 subscriptions, so you might not be one of them – check out their channels and see the content for yourself. Let us know in the comments if you don’t know any of the YouTubers.

YouTube Review 2022: The hottest creators in detail

What did the YouTubers do? With their extremely different content, the individual YouTubers have captivated their respective audiences. An episode of 7 vs. Wild was voted the hottest video of 2022, so it’s no wonder Fritz Meinecke made the list.

Also exciting is Robert Marc Lehmann, who brings important content to protect our environment in his videos on the “Mission Earth” channel. With fundraisers and educational videos, the marine biologist is among the 10 most popular YouTubers. Robert Marc Lehmann inspires with his reactions to 7 vs. Wild – through his expertise he gives expert advice on the show.

YouTube review 2022: Fritz Meinecke and MrBeast are among the 10 best creators © YouTube/INstagram: Fritz Meinecke/MrBeast (montage)

EliasN97 is not only celebrating success on Twitch. With its content offensive in 2022, Germany’s largest twitch streamer will also catapult itself into YouTube’s top 10 ranking. With a wide range of content and exciting events, there is something for everyone.

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As the only non-German, MrBeast appears in 2022 in retrospect. With his flamboyant content, MrBeast has become the biggest YouTuber in the world, overtaking PewDiePie. It is also extremely celebrated in Germany when the YouTube philanthropist throws money around again.

The other YouTubers have also earned their place in the YouTube Retrospective 2022. Head over to their channels and check out the content they’ve made this year. On the Website of the YouTube review 2022 there are other rankings with the most popular videos in different categories.