The Callisto Protocol: Free update announced – that’s in it

The Callisto Protocol: Hit or Flop?  The ratings are extremely different (1)

The Callisto Protocol was finally released today, December 2nd. Unfortunately the game is stuck Steam currently on “mostly negative” user ratings, which were probably given mainly because of technical problems. Otherwise, the ratings at The Callisto Protocol differ widely. Either you love it or you can’t do anything with it. Possibly the latter group will still be convinced of the planned content updates for The Callisto Protocol. Some of these will be free for all players, the rest will require separate purchase of the Season Pass.

The Callisto Protocol: New Game+ isn’t coming until next year

We now also know what content will be released for the horror title in the near future, because the developer Striking Distance Studios revealed a small roadmap on Twitter. The first update is expected to be released on February 7th, 2023 and will include both a hardcore mode and New Game+. The update will be released free of charge for all players.

Season Pass owners can also look forward to the Outer Way Skin Collection on February 7th, followed by the Contagion Bundle in March 2023. After that, the Riot Bundle will be released in spring 2023, and new story content will be available for the first time in summer .