The Callisto Protocol playing time and all chapters at a glance

Here you can find out how long you need for the horror game.

Here you can find out how long you need for the horror game.

We were already able to play through The Callisto Protocol for the GamePro test and in this article we give you an overview of how much playing time you can roughly expect and which chapters you can expect before the end of the horror game.

Playtime of The Callisto Protocol

  • Story duration: 10-12 hours (typically)
  • 100% run: about 15 hours

Classification of the playing time: The numbers apply to a round on the middle of three levels of difficulty. If you want to get the platinum trophy, you have to play the game on the high level of difficulty, but you also have to find all the audio logs. Therefore, you can count on a few more hours of playing time here.

All story chapters in the overview

The story of The Callisto Protocol is in 8 chapters in total divided. Beware of spoilers: The names of the individual chapters can give easy conclusions about the plot.

  • Chapter 1: cargo
  • Chapter 2: outbreak
  • Chapter 3: aftermath
  • Chapter 4: habitat
  • Chapter 5: Lost
  • Chapter 6: Below
  • Chapter 7: colony
  • Chapter 8: Tower

Is there a New Game Plus? Currently not. According to developer the NG+ for The Callisto Protocol will be submitted free of charge on February 7th, 2023.

The Callisto Protocol in the GamePro test

The horror game by Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield and his team, Striking Distance Studios, was able to shine in our test mainly because of its great horror atmosphere and its chic look. However, when it came to gameplay and some design decisions, we had plenty to criticize. You can find the detailed GamePro test under the link.

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Did you expect a playing time of around 12 hours and is the length right for you for a linear story adventure?