The editors are arguing, so you have to decide: when does retro start for you?

So much choice, but what is really retro?

So much choice, but what is really retro?

A little digression into an evening GamePro conversation: When we were discussing which topic we want to take up in terms of retro games and consoles, our PlayStation 1 lover Dennis had a very clear idea of ​​when retro gaming begins. “Well, that’s obvious, at the very earliest with the NES, so everything that’s really old and pixelated, isn’t it?”

“Please what? The Xbox 360 and PS3 already feel like they’re from another life to me.” I (Chris) then countered, because in my eyes the PS4 and Xbox One with their full online features, high-quality graphics and modern TV functions such as HDR have ushered in a whole new era.

This started a discussion in which the opinions could hardly have been more different: Our Animal Crossing guru Basti, for example, counts the Nintendo Wii to the same generation as the Gamecube, which is why it gets the retro seal for him, ex-soccer player Annika and horror dictionary Samara agree with him at least on the PS2 and Xbox to.

Your task is now to use your swarm intelligence to provide clarity. In your opinion, from which generation of consoles can one speak of “retro”?

Tell us with which generation of consoles the retro era begins for you:

Be sure to let us know in the comments which answer option you chose and why. Feel free to share your personal retro experiences with us!

Do you already have children who have come into contact with your old consoles? Do you still play retro games regularly? If so, on original hardware, via emulation as in the case of PS Plus Premium, or on replicas such as the SNES Mini Classic?

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Be sure to let us know, our retro fans in the editorial office are really looking forward to your stories!

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Thank you for taking part in our retro survey and we look forward to your answers!