Trial subscription only until December 14th: Three editions of PCGH DVD, mega PDF archive with over 40,000 pages and bonus

Trial subscription only until December 14th: Three editions of PCGH DVD, mega PDF archive with over 40,000 pages and bonus

from Thilo Bayer
From now on and only until 14.12. you have the unique opportunity to secure PCGH in a trial subscription with fat extras. You not only get three PCGH DVD editions, but also the two parts of the Mega PDF archive on the data carriers and a bonus.

More than two years ago we had the obsession that it might be interesting for PCGH readers to offer all PCGH monthly issues in one PDF archive. We grossly underestimated the feedback.

PCGH Mega Archive Remaster

The DVD edition at that time was sold out in stores within a short time, and the order option in the web shop was quickly grayed out. We produced extra DVDs with the archive and the quantity didn’t last long here either. Last year we added a secret archive to secure all publications apart from the monthly magazines for posterity. After more than 22 years of PCGH, the time has now come to re-release our wealth of knowledge and tests as a remaster.

MEGA PDF archive from PCGH in a trial subscription: three DVD editions with a monthly and secret archive, over 40,000 pages, with a bonus of your choice 17.40 euros

With issue 02/23 (EVT: 4.1.23) and the following 03/23 (EVT: 1.2.23) we provide you with the complete archives from 2000 to 2023 as a searchable PDF via the DVD edition. Due to the amount of data, we split the complete archive into two editions. Anyone who does not yet have a subscription to PCGH now has the opportunity to subscribe to the mega archive via a 3-month trial subscription easy to get delivered. But you have to be quick: On 14.12. the subscription will be available for the last time, so that we can safely deliver the first issue of the trial subscription, PCGH 02/23. As a bonus, you will receive a bonus: either the PCGH 01/23 with the 2022 annual archive on DVD or a 5-euro Amazon voucher. The whole thing will cost you EUR 17.40 when you place your order. The subscription only lasts longer than three issues if you do not cancel in good time – you can cancel at any time after the three months have expired.

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Don’t forget: For the period of the trial subscription, you have full access to all PCGH Plus articles, to an ad-free website, to the PDF versions in the shop and to the app versions of PCGH. So you can enjoy PCGH on all channels and with the two archive data carriers you get all PCGH monthly issues since 2000 (over 35,000 pages) and all special publications such as PCGH Extended, Premium, special issues, PCGH Extreme and rarities (over 8,000 pages). Again to repeat, because important: The trial subscription is on 14.12. can be ordered for the last timebecause otherwise we can no longer guarantee delivery.