US Army wanted to recruit via CoD streamers – leaks reveal last-minute withdrawal

A drill sergeant whistles in front of the American flag and behind the Call of Duty logo

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Of: Janik Boeck

Call of Duty: US Army wanted to recruit with streamers © Activision | IMAGO: agefotostock/YAY Images

First-person shooters are often criticized for being used to wage war. The US Army probably thought so too. There they wanted to recruit via Call of Duty.

Santa Monica, California – Call of Duty is a worldwide phenomenon. The first-person shooter is now almost 20 years old and still inspires with fast-paced action. According to leaked documents, the US Army planned to take advantage of this. There were plans to recruit GenZ to the army using Call of Duty and streamers. reveals why the US Army wanted to use Streamer to recruit in CoD.

Motherboard, part of VICE Media Group, has leaked US Army documents. These show that the American military has developed a sophisticated strategy to specifically recruit soldiers from GenZ.

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