WoSchCa 12/2/22: At the end of a mixed week – News

WoSchCa 12/2/22: At the end of a mixed week - News

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This week there were cases of illness in the editorial office, which severely sabotaged our plans. But did we give up, closed GamersGlobal and just cried? No! At least not all the time…

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This is the WoSchCa from December 2nd, 2022, an exclusive offer for our valued premium users. After the very controversial podcast last week, there is certainly less potential for objections from the listeners today. And here is the overview:

  • 00:25 Welcome to the end of a… mixed week.
  • 05:56 The Godzilla of photo galleries – and a solution for anyone who doesn’t want to scroll through the screen and read for an hour at a time.
  • 08:33 Hagen is allowed his Callisto Protocol-Note argue.
  • 11:20 “Speaking of disorientation” – we come to Jörgs Midnight Suns-Test.
  • 18:00 We discuss the announced remodeling of The Witcher-Remake to the open world – and talking about the Witcher series in general and about the topic of bathing with the opposite sex.
  • 23:10 “A word” on the Christmas campaign, which has also been “sabotaged by this week”, but may or may not start on Sunday. Anyway, we’re suddenly talking about them Elder Scrolls-Series.
  • 31:03 What does Hagen do at the weekend? JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure look at. And George? wednesday look at.
  • 34:35 We wish you a nice second advent!

Have fun listening, have a nice weekend, a contemplative Second Advent!

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Published on 11/04/2022: For the 171st time we welcome you to the end of the week cast. Ramona has started her work, interviewed Obsidian right away, and in this episode tells about her unusual career.

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