WoW: Bans for exploiting the Weekly bug when supporting the agreement

WoW: Arena Skirmish Bonus Week

from Sebastian Glanzer
The weekly quest “Support for the Accord” in WoW had to be temporarily disabled after players were able to complete the Weekly multiple times in a row. The question is whether this unfair advantage will remain as it has given players powerful gear that could also be minimally determinant of the Race to World First. Players report at least ban penalties.

Whoever plays through the WoW: Dragonflight level campaign is far from finished with the story of the Dragon Islands. Arrived in the endgame, you get the weekly quest support for the agreement. For this quest you need a few thousand Gain reputation with the new Dragon Isles factions and participate in a Tuskarr event in the Azure Mountains this week.

The reward is a large chunk of reputation with the Dragon Island factions and the item Treasures of Valdrakken. From the Treasure Chest you have a chance of getting a piece of gear with Ilvl 400+ (depending on your current average item level it seems). Due to a bug, this weekly quest could be completed multiple times by players and was therefore temporarily disabled, like Community Manager Bornakk in the official forum approved.