Bethesda Softworks: Todd Howard excited about unannounced mobile game

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In a new interview, Todd Howard reveals his excitement for a yet-to-be-announced mobile game from Bethesda.

In recent years, Bethesda has published the successful free-to-play mobile games Fallout Shelter, The Elder Scrolls: Legends and The Elder Scrolls: Blades, among others.

A new, as yet unannounced, mobile title the company is currently working on aims to target a younger audience that is used to using mobile devices for longer gaming sessions.

In an interview with the Lex Fridman Podcast Todd Howard does not reveal any details about the game, but admits that he is very excited about it:

“We have a new mobile game we’re working on that we haven’t announced yet that I’m very excited about.”

“There are a few things you do on mobile. I can give you a kind of classic mobile game and then what we do. The classic mobile game is really meant for short gaming sessions because the number of people who have the time to sit down and play it like a console game or a PC game is less because people tend to play mobile games on the go.”

“And how the game picks you up, because of course most of the games are free, so the tutorial, how the tutorial works, how it introduces you to the game, because you didn’t buy it, you didn’t decide to buy it and then to say no, I’ll learn, people don’t care, so really understanding how they’re passionate about the game, those two things are really the magic of mobile gaming.”

“However, we’ve found that with our games, especially Fallout Shelter, people will sit and play it for an hour or two, a lot of people play it for hours throughout the day.”

“If you look at the kids today, they can stare at their phones for hours, that’s all they do, that’s where they watch everything, so it’s a demographic thing too. Younger audiences would rather stare at their phones than play on a big screen.”

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