Customer makes bargain hunters jealous – GameStop sells PS5 console for 50 euros

PlayStation 5 deals attract many fans to the shops.  This offer beats everything Sony has been able to offer so far.

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Of: Jonas Dirkes

PlayStation 5 deals attract many fans to the shops. This offer beats everything Sony has been able to offer so far. © Sony / EA Games

Sometimes you can just be lucky. This TikToker claims to have secured the Sony PS5 at GameStop for a mere 50 euros.

Hamburg – Even 2 years after the release, it’s still not much fun chasing after a Sony PS5. Although the console is now much easier to get (we help with this daily in our PS5 ticker), the price of the PlayStation 5 has also risen. But one gamer has now hit the jackpot: the lucky one struck at GameStop for a bargain price of just 50 euros.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: GameStop is said to be selling the console for 50 euros

How did the $50 PS5 at GameStop come about? The super deal was not a misunderstanding or even a scam. The PS5 could be bought legally at a ridiculous price because a customer is said to have traded in the PS5 at GameStop. How to authenticate the bang deal posted TikTok user @endless_toyz shortly afterwards a video on his channel showing him with the PS5 at his trusted GameStop dealer.

As can be seen in the video, @endless_toyz doesn’t even have to fret about the console’s major flaws. Actually, the Sony PS5 seems to be in top condition. The only flaw is a broken base, which is now stuck in parts and barely visible on the back of the console.

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The PS5 and 50 euros
Buy PS5: Deal of a lifetime – GameStop sells console for €50 © Sony | Unsplash

But whether the deal really came about remains questionable – the fake allegations are piling up in the comments. users NumberPat on the other hand, complains about the alleged handling by GameStop: “You had the choice to give the customer a fair price and to explain the actual value to him. You decided against it. Strong.”

Buy PS5: On Black Friday, gamers can only dream of the €50 console

Can the PS5 be bought cheaply on Black Friday? A ridiculous price like the 50 euros that @endless_toyz had to pay for his console will probably not be achievable during Black Friday. The real question is whether the PS5 will even be on sale for Black Friday. If so, the discount should not be too high. Real deals can only be expected with console bundles. In other words: the price of the console remains high, but there would be many games and accessories at low prices.