Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – anime hit starts shortly before DBZ ends

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - anime hit starts shortly before DBZ ends

Many fans have long puzzled over how exactly the recent adventures of Son Goku & Co Dragon Ball timeline classify. Now the creator of the cult hit, Akira ToriyamaLight the darkness and betrayed the last Dragon Ball Super Movie actually would playing just before the end of DBZ.

Super Hero starts “right before” the DBZ finale

This quite important information was revealed by the mangaka in a greeting messagewhich was recently released in Japan Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero anime comic was published (via @Herms98). Toriyama begins his message by saying that the last films “important events” would cover the inside of ten years play between defeating Kid Boo and the DBZ ending.

“Super Hero is a story just before the final chapter”, explains the author of the hit franchise. He also thanks for the success of the anime blockbuster with the responsible team. The utterances are essentialbecause they confirm that “Dragon Ball Super” will soon follow on from the end of “Dragon Ball Z” and completely close the time gap becomes.

That the anime movie actually “right ahead” takes place at the end of the original manga, however not entirely true. Pan is three years old in the film while she is in the Dragon Ball Z finale is already four. There are also other events no longer fit into the old timelineit is quite conceivable that fans will have to prepare for one or the other adaptation of the original DBZ ending.

The one starting this month new story arc of DBS manga could play a key role in this. This will be as Prequel to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero function, which is intended to connect the events of the previous manga storylines with the plot of the anime movie.

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In the DBZ finale, Goku flies away with young Oob © Bird Studio / Shueisha, Toei Animation

So until we can experience the end of “Dragon Ball Z” again in “Dragon Ball Super”, it should be take a bit. The new manga chapter appears on December 20, 2022 and can in this country MANGA Plus be read in the English translation.