EliasN97 reveals his fortune – streamer colleagues fall off their chairs when it comes to the account balance

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Of: Josh Grossman

On YouTube, EliasN97 answers awkward questions with his Twitch colleagues and has to reveal his account balance. Niklas Sommer literally falls off his chair.

Los Angeles, California – At the end of the year, EliasN97 takes a vacation with his friends. Together with Niklas Sommer, Sidney Friede and Rohat, the Twitch star produces content for his YouTube channel. The four colleagues answer uncomfortable questions and have to talk about their account balance. The sum of EliasN97 makes his streamer friends burst into maniacal laughter and Niklas Sommer even falls off his chair.

Full name Elias Nerlich
Known as EliasN97 or Eligella
birthday December 10, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 1,090,000 (as of December 2022)
Followers on Twitch 1,300,000 (as of December 2022)

EliasN97: Awkward questions on YouTube make the streamer talk about their account balance

What happened? EliasN97, Niklas Sommer, Sidney Friede and Rohat are currently in Los Angeles. Between vlogging at the Lakers game and shopping at the mall, Twitch streamers lounge on their balconies shooting YouTube videos. They answer their fans’ most uncomfortable questions without mincing words. EliasN97 has been criticized for advertising SPITCH – but he doesn’t go into that in this video.

EliasN97 reveals his account balance and Niklas Sommer falls off his chair © Imago/Unsplash (Montage)

The first part on the Channel by Niklas Sommer wasn’t well received by fans. “There were a few who were of course very angry because we didn’t answer any questions“, complains EliasN97 and promises that this time they really try to answer the questions – for every unanswered question 100 euros will be raffled. The result is revelations “about numbers, about sex and about moral things like that“.

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EliasN97’s account balance: The question: “How much money do you have in your account?” Also appeared in the first part, where EliasN97 refrained from answering, “so no one gets the wrong idea“. Now the silence is not worth 100 euros to him, so he unpacks. First he only talks about his private account – that’s where the streamer finds it 52,400 euros while shooting the video. The other streamers also disclose their accounts.

  • Niklas Sommer: 9,722.18 euros
  • Sidney Friede: 75,415.93 euros
  • Rohat: 2,250 euros

This is even more:But I don’t have anything either…“, explains EliasN97: “Actually, everything I earn, I just put in somewhere.”. The streamer means his business account or the investments he has made. Here, too, EliasN97 reveals the figures. “Business are with me, yes, 1.2 million‘ he says hesitantly while laughing a little himself.

EliasN97 has 1.2 million in his business account – his friends are going crazy

How the others react: Sidney Friede and Niklas Sommer cover their mouths and try to hide their laughter. Rohat pulls the blanket over his head. Niklas Sommer bursts into manic laughter and falls off his chair. The reaction of his colleagues also makes EliasN97 laugh and the four need a moment before they can continue. We have included the video with the corresponding timestamp here.

However, EliasN97 emphasizes that despite the amount of money, he and his friends don’t want to lose sight of the value of it. “We don’t think we’re any better‘ the streamer teaches his fans. EliasN97 bought his mother a dream home – the investment he is most proud of.

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