Fake baby bump: smuggler is “pregnant” with iPhones and CPUs

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The year 2022 is on Technology and gadgets theme enriched by a bizarre anecdote. In Guangdong, China, a woman was caught stealing all sorts of expensive electronics across the border wanted to smuggle. She chose an extremely creative approach that was intended to prevent the security personnel become suspicious would. However, their calculation did not really work out, because the lady was caught red-handed during the security check. What the officials found in the woman should not very common have been.

A supposedly pregnant woman behaves suspiciously at the security check

On the security camera footage in the report by MyDrivers can be seen how a young woman on a security gate moved towards. The scene took place at the airport in Zhuhai, a tourist city in China’s most populous province of Guangdong. Her tight, light brown dress stands out conspicuously, obviously she is lady in an advanced stage her pregnancy.

When asked about this, she replies to the security staff, actually in the fifth to sixth month to be pregnant But something doesn’t seem right about the woman. She moves much too lightly for someone who is obviously heavily pregnant. an incoming security check finally brings certainty.

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Woman pretends to be heavily pregnant to smuggle iPhones and CPUs into China

Under her dress, the woman wears a silicone baby bump. In it, the security staff finds about 200 CPUs of the Alder Lake type. These chips belong to Intel’s 10nm generation from 2021 and 2022, which shine with both speed and efficiency. But that’s not all, the officials find even more.