Fortnite: All information about today’s fracture event

Fortnite: All information about today's fracture event

The world of Fortnite is changing again: This Saturday, November 3rd, the Fracture event will take place in the Battle Royale. With this, developer Epic Games heralds Chapter 4.

As in the past, the transition will be accompanied by a large live playable event that will also continue the shooter’s unusual story. In this news we will tell you exactly what it is all about and how you can take part in the event.

Fortnite: The Fracture Event Introduced

Chapter 3 of Fortnite ends after just one year, but with a particularly loud bang: The harbinger, the antagonist of the current season, uses her powers to literally tear up the entire game world with the help of chrome.

Agent Jones is of course aware of the situation and will in all likelihood have an answer ready together with the group The Seven. What this looks like remains unclear. The resolution will probably only be available during the live event.

When does the Fracture event start?

If you want to take part in the one-time event, you have to bring a little time with you. The Fracture event starts today, December 3rd at 10:00 p.m. However, you can log in 30 minutes beforehand and make appointments with other players.

If you’re a bit late, it’s not an immediate loss: you can also join ongoing matches until the end of the event and at least experience the rest of it.

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The event will last 40 minutes in total – and is therefore twice as long as comparable events in the past. Apparently, Epic is planning another brilliant end to the current chapter, despite the rather short lifespan.

What will happen during the event?

Epic Games is still holding back with details about the fracture event, but a first teaser already indicates that the harbinger is pretty serious. She’s now in one of the tornadoes and on the verge of tearing down the current map to rubble and ash.

If the Chapter 3 finale is based on the previous chapters, then a scripted event awaits you during the event. Playable sequences are mixed with cutscenes, as you probably know from many single-player games.

In the end, the current map is usually destroyed. The reason for this is that a change of chapter in Fortnite usually means a new map. So far, however, this has not been officially confirmed.

Chapter 4 speculation

Once the Fracture event is over, Fortnite’s servers will shut down. It is currently unknown when they will go online again. This can happen as early as December 4th, but it can also take longer.

But as soon as they are back online, Chapter 4 of Fortnite will start and will bring big changes. According to rumors, the following features planned:

  • First person mode as a new playlist option
  • Motorcycles as new vehicles
  • Flying mounts
  • new cosmetic gear slot: Robe

Meanwhile, Epic Games has confirmed that the new Creative Mode 2.0 will come into play with Chapter 4. This should be significantly more extensive in terms of tree options and allow more creative options. However, it is not yet known whether this will be implemented directly with the first season of Chapter 4 or later.

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