Free games December 2022 – 5 games from Sony for Christmas

PS Plus December 2022 Free Games - The free games from Sony for PS4 and PS5

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Of: Noah Struthoff

The PS Plus games for December 2022 are known! This month you will even get 5 games instead of the usual 3. We will introduce them to you.

San Mateo – Every month, Sony gives PS Plus subscribers three free games that can be downloaded free of charge for a month. But in December 2022 it will be a little bigger again. This time there are even five free games that you can dust off, because there is a whole collection of games for free. We introduce you to the free PS Plus games in December and tell you whether the games are worth it.

name of the service PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly charges 8.99 euros
Offerer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
advantages 2 monthly Free games, access to PS4/5 online multiplayer, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, 100GB online storage
Active Memberships 48 million users (as of December 2021)

PS Plus December 2022: All free games at a glance

The free games in December 2022: Yesterday there was a leak about the PS Plus games in December, which was absolutely correct. This month’s games include:

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS4)

    Genre: Action RPG

    Release: May 14, 2021

    Meta score: 87

    Price: 69.99 euros
  • Biomutant (PS4/PS5)

    Genre: Open World, Action RPG

    Release: May 25, 2021

    Meta score: 64

    Price: 39.99 euros
  • Divine Knockout (PS4/PS5)

    Genre: Platform Battle Game

    Release: Announced

    Meta score: tbd

    Price: not yet known
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This is in the games: The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is particularly interesting. This is namely three games at once, which you can play in full. The Mass Effect trilogy is already an absolute classic and should be tried by every gamer. Story and shooter elements are skilfully linked and you experience an hour-long, intensive journey through the game world. You can find out more about this in our review of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Biomutant was a great beacon of hope on the games market and the first trailers in particular were convincing. At the time of release, however, the game could not meet the high expectations and was rightly criticized. Especially the balancing in the fights was a big minus point. As a free game on PS Plus, it’s definitely worth a look, because the interesting setting still inspires some fans after the release and provides hours of entertainment.

Finally there is a brand new game for PS Plus: Divine Knockout. The game is somewhat reminiscent of the Nintendo classic Super Smash Bros., but the whole thing is played in third-person view. The characters in the game are mythological creatures, each with a variety of attacks and abilities. There may be a new gaming gem waiting for us here that is definitely worth trying out.

PS Plus December 2022: Free games announced – Sony even gives you 5 games for free. © Sony / Montage

PS Plus: Free games in December 2022 – You have to remember these times

When will the free games be released in December? The free games in December 2022 will be released on XX. December. Until then, you can still download and try out the PS Plus games in November. Once you’ve added a game to your library, it will always be available to you, even if you ever uninstall the game. You need an active PS Plus subscription to play games.

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December’s free games will then be available into the new year. At the beginning of January 2023, new PS Plus games will appear that will replace the titles from December. If you’re looking for more PS Plus Premium and Extra ideas, check out PS Plus Premium and Extra – 15 must-play games