Game Awards Stream: How, When, Where?

New blockbuster game confirmed for Game Awards - we think we know what it is (1)

Once again, Geoff Keighley invites you to his annual awards show. Finally find on December 8, 2022 The Game Awards will take place again and will therefore also be broadcast live on the Internet. The event can be received on YouTube, Twitch and Tiktok Live, but also on platforms such as Facebook Live or Steam. But if you absolutely want to follow the show live, you may have to have a caffeinated drink ready. Eventually, the broadcasting of the event begins at 1.30 a.m. German time. Co-streaming is explicitly welcomed by the Los Angeles awards show. As in previous years, this should certainly be an extremely helpful factor for the advertising effect of the event, depending on the level of popularity of the streaming person.

How do the awards work?

The Game Awards are divided into numerous categories such as “Game of the Year”, “Best Soundtrack”, “Best Mobile Game”, “Best Community Support” or “Best Indie Title”. 90 percent of the vote is determined by a jury, while the remaining 10 percent of the votes come from the fans.

In addition to the prizes, however, new announcements and surprises are the main focus during the Game Awards. Just last year we had the reveal of Alan Wake 2 reported. This year, too, there are numerous potential revelations that we have already reported on our website. It remains to be seen what the show will have to offer in its 2022 edition.

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