Game Veterans Podcast #297: Off-Topic 12/2022 – News

Game Veterans Podcast #297: Off-Topic 12/2022 - News


An unexpected comeback from Sam Fisher is waiting for the industry news and the dog in the pan is also going crazy with other reports. But the focus is off-topic on series, music and co.

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Before the monthly trek into the off-topic culture departments, the gaming veterans chat about interesting and curious industry news, their latest gaming experiences and your listener mail. But then there is a lot of streaming, leafing through and listening. We get to know a Welsh football stronghold, go to school with Wednesday Addams and celebrate Christmas with funny Marvel chaos. There’s also thundering Japanese guitars, unfortunate events in the Canadian wilderness, and a reunion with quirky video game developers.

The game veteran podcast Episode 49-2022 (#297) with Jörg Langer and Heinrich Lenhardt has a running time of 1:33:35 hours.

00:00:15 News & small talk

0:44:21 Game veterans Off Topic

  • 0:44:49 Series Department: Mythic Quest (Season 3), wednesday, barbarians (Season 2), Welcome to Wrexham.
  • 1:09:08 Book department: “Won’t you win the subjunctive” by the recently deceased Wolf Schneider.
  • 1:12:23 Film department: The Matrix Resurrections, Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special, elvis, Into the Forest.
  • 1:23:40 Music Department: monochrome (single) by Babymetal, Asphalt Meadows by Death Cab For Cutie.

1:31:09 Credits

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