Is Daisy Ridley returning to the Star Wars universe? Instagram post causes a stir

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Many don’t necessarily have positive memories of the last three Star Wars films. It is therefore at least questionable how great the enthusiasm for a return from Daisy Ridley and Co. into the Star Wars universe. But speculation about the actress is likely to pick up speed again. However, this is not based on a teaser from Disney or a statement in an interview, but on a relatively ordinary social media post. Finally, Ridley recently at Lucasfilm stopped by for lunch and told the world via Instagram communicated. She then stated in another post that nothing particularly big happened during that visit. But that didn’t and doesn’t stop fans from speculating about the future of the actress in the Star Wars cosmos.

Rey’s future in the Star Wars cosmos

The Sffgazette site, for example, raises the question of whether Ridley was simply trying to end the speculation. Whether and how there is actually more behind this visit to Lucasfilm, only time will tell. However, there have been hints from Kathleen Kennedy in the past that the post-episode 9 universe will be built upon. End 2021 she stated that in creative groups there are conversations regarding the characters from the Skywalker saga would give. At the same time, Kennedy’s role is currently built on sand rather than solid foundations, if reports from November are to be believed.

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