Otto misses whale encounter – natural spectacle behind his back

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Attentive viewers have discovered an exciting detail in episode 8 of 7 vs. Wild. While Otto was talking about his day, there was a huge animal to see.

San José, Panama – Few of the viewers at 7 vs. Wild probably noticed that as Ottogerd Karasch reviews his day, impressive scenes are playing out behind him in the distance. The former skydiver is very happy when he tells his fans how successful the third day on Fritz Meinecke’s YouTube show was for him. However, he probably shouldn’t have turned his back to the sea during his speech, because Otto missed out on a very impressive encounter with one of the largest mammals on the planet.

title 7 vs Wild: Panama (Season 2)
episodes 17
production Fritz Meinecke, Wandermut
participants Sascha Huber, OttoBulletproof, Starletnova, Sabrina Outdoor, Knossi, Fritz Meinecke, Joris (wildcard)
genre Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
format YouTube web series

7 vs. Wild: Spectators discover detail – Otto avoids whale sighting

That happened: The third day on the island went really well for Otto. “Today was the best day for me personally”. The weather cooled down a bit and the ex-soldier even talked about slowly arriving on the island. However, one detail could have put the icing on the cake of his day. As he speaks into the camera for viewers, a massive whale leaps out of the sea behind him. The elongated pectoral fin suggests a humpback whale.

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It’s just too bad that Otto really doesn’t notice anything because he’s standing with his back to the water. However, he is probably not alone in this, because the mighty spectacle of nature can hardly be recognized through the GoPro. Of course, the whale has not escaped the notice of very attentive viewers, and clips of the marine mammal are piling up on the Internet.

That’s why whales jump out of the water

Whales probably use jumping out of the water to communicate with other whales. For example, humpback whales are more likely to jump out of the water when other whales are more than four kilometers away. When other humpback whales are closer, they are more likely to smack their pectoral or tail fins on the water, or hit the sea surface with them. However, it is still unknown what message the humpback whales want to convey with this.

The marine biologist Robert Marc Lehmann may be able to identify what kind of whale it is, because the environmentalist has already uncovered some animal mysteries surrounding the survival show. The biologist also got to the bottom of Otto’s creepy shark head discovery at 7 vs. Wild.

7 vs. Wild: Otto accidentally gets Wal in front of the camera – viewers are amused by Joris

Otto, don’t let Joris see that: While Otto unknowingly captures one of the most impressive moments of 7 vs. Wild on camera, Joris can only dream of it. Although the wildcard winner claims to see interesting animals everywhere, unfortunately none of them can be seen on his GoPro recordings. Among the fans of the survival show, his animal sightings became a running gag.

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However, the botanist was able to get an animal in front of the lens. A crocodile was frolicking in the sea at Joris’ spot at 7 vs. Wild. In the next few episodes of 7 vs. Wild, we’ll see what happens next for the candidates and whether we can expect more impressive animal pictures. Then it will also be shown how long Nova can last on the island, because the streamer already spoke of her end at 7 vs. Wild.