Papaplatte confesses an embarrassing night of love – Tinder-Date prefers to play UNO in bed

Streamer papa plate looking stupid out of the laundry.  Next to it a woman in bed with a pack of Uno

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Of: Josh Grossman

Tinder drama: Papaplatte had a date that didn’t end as planned. The streamer chats easily and realizes too late how embarrassing the story is for him.

Berlin – Kevin “Papaplatte” Teller is less common on Twitch, but his YouTube projects are running like clockwork. In his podcast “Edeltalk” he confesses a date story that ends in child’s play after intercourse – without him. Only when his guest Kayla Shyx comments on the story does Papaplatte realize his mistake. Apparently that night the streamer just “provided little entertainment“.

Full name Kevin Teller
Known as papa plate
birthday January 24, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on Twitch 1.6 million (as of November 2022)
Followers on YouTube 630,000 (as of November 2022)

Papaplatte tells embarrassing story about love night – noble talk podcast with Kayla Shyx

What happened? Papaplatte shows the video version of his podcast “Edeltalk” on YouTube, in which he talks about a wide variety of things together with Dominik “Reeze” Reezmann. The two sometimes dig deep into their sewing boxes and unpack some interesting anecdotes.

The November 14 episode stars KiKa star and YouTuber Kayla Shyx, who notices a key detail in a Papaplatte story. You can watch the whole episode here:

In the Edeltalk podcast, the three talk about dates and their experiences – especially with bad dates. “You will always take something outside with you“, Shyx concludes, what papa plate “and if it’s a great story at the end“ appends. The streamer then fetches directly to his “favorite story” out. MontanaBlack also told about a love night with a fan – this story also had an unexpected ending.

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Papaplatte tells his favorite date story – only then realizes how embarrassing it is

This is how the date went: Papaplatte talks about a Tinder date – but saves the foreplay and jumps straight into the bedroom. “Not 30 seconds‘ after the sweetheart’s hour had ended, Papaplatte went into the shower. His refreshment is said to have lasted no longer than 2 minutes, but to his horror he finds the date child’s play.

“She’s on FaceTime with six people, playing a game of UNO over the phone”

Even if he doesn’t know the actions of his dateso fucking weird‘ he seems to enjoy telling the story – his favorite story. But Kayla Shyx shatters his perception when she notes one thing about the story: “Whoa, you did the right thing then“. You can see Papaplatte’s indignation when he says “What’s that supposed to mean now?‘ replies.

“Well no front, but if she goes on her phone right after and plays f*cking UNO, then you provided so little entertainment that UNO was the next best thing.”

It gets even more embarrassing:Haven’t you ever thought about it?” asks his guest, while his co-host can’t stop laughing. Kayla Shyx also destroys the fact that his date is said to have stayed particularly long the next day: “She brushed her teeth for half an hour and that’s why you think she wants you?

Papa plate: embarrassing story about love night – streamer delivers “little entertainment” © Imago/Unsplash (Montage)

After Papaplatte explains to his guest that she is no longer wanted in the future, the Edeltalk podcast goes into outro. Papaplatte was afraid to say hello to Celo and Abdi the other day – the new situation will definitely be one of his most embarrassing moments.

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